Monday, January 19, 2015



Let us celebrate the 2015 SABR day together on the afternoon of January 24th!

Our guest speaker will be Toby Smith is one of the best feature writers around, and he's always managed to have a way with words. A big baseball fan, he spent one summer hawking beer at Isotopes Park.

His newest book, "Bush League Boys," was published in late 2014 and tells many stories, all in Smith's inimitable style, about baseball in "the bushes," such as Clovis and Hobbs and Carlsbad back in the 1950s, when minor-league baseball ruled southeastern New Mexico -- and where Willie Stargell spent part of the 1959 season with Roswell, then a farm team of the Pirates. Toby writes about Joe Bauman, who set the pro home run record with 72 longballs in 1954... before Barry Bonds and PEDs broke that record in 2007.  And he will likely mention the supposed longest home run ever hit in a professional baseball game.  (It was discussed in a Sports Illustrated blurb way back when.)

Toby will sell copies of his book, which makes a great gift or addition to your own bookshelves, and he will happily sign them

We have been working on having several area professional baseball players drop in.  A few were planning to do so, but the "Throw Cancer a Curve" at the Albuquerque Baseball Academy was changed to the 24th, and they had obligations to be there.  We are "twisting arms" to have them come by after they are finished at that charity event.

And what kind of SABR Chapter would we be if we didn't talk about this year's class headed for induction in Cooperstown: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio. Any and all Hot-Stove League talk will be appreciated.  Remember, the first pitchers and catchers report to spring training on February 18th!

When:  Saturday, January 24, 1 pm

Where:  Albuquerque Public Library, Special Collections Branch, 423 Central NE, "Center for the Book" room (see information below)

Speaker:  Long time Albuquerque sports writer and recent baseball book author Toby Smith.

Location information:  There is no parking lot for the Special Collections Branch library, located at the NW corner of Central and Edith.  However, immediately east of the building, there is a shuttered fast food restaurant with about 25 parking spaces generally unused.  There is paid on street parking, but more importantly, after one block south of Central, there are no more parking meters.

Chapter Elections will be held at the meeting

Friday, November 7, 2014

Photo Credit Evan S Chavez.  The Isotopes put this up in 2009 when the Dodgers returned to Albuquerque

I've been asked about why the Dodgers are leaving Albuquerque. The reasons will never be confirmed but, it all come down to it's a business and the Dodgers did what they thought was best for the team.  I respect that.  I was upset at first, but how could I be upset with my team.  I could only imagine how the Brooklyn fans felt when the Dodgers left for L.A.  

Yea I took it kinda personal because I have been so loyal to this team and I couldn't believe they could just pick up and walk away.  For those of you who follow me I felt the same way when Steve Alford left The University of New Mexico for UCLA. The truth is the Dodgers and Steve Alford both made a good move for themselves.

Even though I expected them to leave back when the Guggenheim group purchased the Dodgers because of the Peter Guber factor.

Who is Peter Guber?  He is one of the Partners of the Guggenheim group who also owns the Oklahoma City Red hawks.  It's only obvious that you are going to connect the teams.

There was also the altitude factor.  I've wanted to research this for years but just haven't had the time.  I have argued with people on Twitter about whether or not altitude really makes a difference.  That made me think about the big hitters we have had here who never quit lived up to the numbers they put up here in Albuquerque.

First person that comes to mind is Mike Marshall (not the pitcher).  In 1981 he hit .373 with 137 RBI and 34 homers while playing in the Pacific Coast League in 128 games.  1982 he played in 66 games hit .388 with 58 RBI and 14 homers.

What did that calculate to when called up by the Dodgers?  In 1981 he was in 14 games while with the Dodgers and had 27 plate appearances.  He hit .200 with one RBI and no homers.  He was also called up again in 1982 where he hit.242 with nine RBI and five homers.

While with the Dodgers for nine years Marshall hit .271 with 484 RBI and 137 homers.

Other players that come to mind are Billy Ashley.  Had parts of  four seasons playing in the PCL hit .300 with 66 homers.  While with the Dodgers 

Jerry Sands while in two years with the Isotopes hit .359 with 55 homers, but while with the Dodgers he had 251 plate appearances and he hit .244 with four homers.

Then there is Joc Pederson who we have yet to see what his Major League numbers will calculate.   Pederson hit .303 with 33 homers in 553 at bats.  In my personal opinion which doesn't count for anything Pederson didn't look the comfortable at the plate.  He definitely had more #swag while at the plate her in Albuquerque.  He had 38 plate appearances which I don't think that's enough to evaluate him properly he hit .148 with 0 homers.  

On the other hand can anyone explain this to me.  AJ Ellis spent off and on three years here with the Isotopes he had 690 plate appearances and hit for an average of .320 and ONE HOMER.   While with the Dodgers Ellis has some power.  Since 2009 he has hit 28 homers while with the Dodgers.

We could argue the whole altitude factor forever but the fact is the Dodgers have left Albuquerque and they are never coming back.

I've been asked by just about everybody "what are you gonna do now?"  "Are you still going to go to Isotopes games?"  "Are you gonna be a Rockies fan now?"  My answer is NO.  I've been a Dodgers fan for a long time and I will die a Dodgers fan.  I am also a baseball fan. I love to watch the game weather it's MLB, Milb, AFL, WBC, put a baseball game in front of me and I'll watch it.  Plus the Isotopes are coolest team in the Minor Leagues hands down.  So yes I am still going to attend Isotopes games and wear Isotopes gear.

As for my blog I' still gonna do post when I have time.  I enjoy writing about the game and team that is close to my heart.  I wish I could write all the time but I gotta pay the bills so my job comes before my hobby.

So check in every now and then and see what's on my mind.

Thank you all
Evan S Chavez

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Damon Berryhill 

The Dodgers announced former Major League catcher Damon Berryhill as the new Skipper of the Isotopes.  Berryhill will replace Lorenzo Bundy who was promoted to third-base coach for the Dodgers.

Berrhill who is from Laguna Beach California, was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the first round (4th overall) of the 1984 draft.  Berryhill a catcher, spent ten years playing in the Major Leagues for the Cubs, Braves, Red Sox, Giants and Reds.

In 1992 he appeared in the World Series and hit a game winning three-run homer for the Atlanta Braves in game one.
Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Glenn Dishman Will return to Albuquerque as the Isotope Pitching coach

In 2008 Berryhill began his Managing career as a Manager for the Texas Rangers Single-A affiliate in Bakersfield California.  Since then he has spent five years as the Dodgers Single-A Manager for the Ogdon Raptors.

While as the Skipper of the Raptors he lead them to the playoffs four of five seasons, and set an franchise record with 44 wins in 2010.
Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Franklin Stubbs talks to members of Rio Grand SABR at Isotopes Park

Franklin Stubbs and Glenn Dishman will return to Albuquerque in 2014.

Stubbs (one of my favorites) returns fro his second season as the Isotopes hitting coach.

Dishman has spent four and a half seasons with the Isotopes.

To all of you I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Lo Bundy at Isotopes Park 2013

Great news for former Isotopes Manager Tim Walllach, who was named Bench coach for the Dodgers today. With that news meant there was a vacancy as third base coach with the Dodgers, so... it was also announced that current Isotopes Manager Lorenzo Bundy was name third base coach.

Bundy has spent eight years Managing in the Minor Leagues.  He has a record of 1048-513.  While with the Isotopes his record was 225-206.

You all in LA will love Bundy.  One useless fact I know about Bundy while watching him as Manager of the Isotopes is he gets a new piece of gum ever time he goes out to the third base coaching box.  He always seems calm. If you ever get the chance to meet him ask him about when he witnessed a 3-2-1 game ending double play.

I am very proud to see both guys advance in the organization.  Now the question is Who will be the new Manager in Albuquerque?  I'll let you all speculate on who it might be..

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Photo courtesy of the Albuquerque Isotopes

Chilli Buss is adds another honer to a great season.  I touted Buss in a post the other day, you can read that post by clicking here.  If you haven't read it I suggest you do.  Today the Isotopes announced that Buss was named to the Topps Triple-A All-Star team.

Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Chili Buss 
It was also brought to my attention an by one of the biggest Dodger fans in Albuquerque that Buss was the team MVP.  I totally forgot about that.  Thanks to the fan who brought that to my attention.

I can't say enough good things about Buss.  Congratulations!

here is a list of the  Topps Triple-A All Star team

Monday, November 4, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Elian Herrera at Isotopes Park 2013

Elian Herrera has played 197 games in an Isotopes uniform in three seasons.  He has become a familiar face here in Albuquerque.  As fans we want to see these young men succeed in baseball.  Sometimes a change in organization can help a player make it to the big leagues.

Herrera is now in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.  He was claimed off waivers by the Brewers today.  I didn't even know he was on waivers.  It was pretty evident that he wasn't going to make it as a regular player for the Dodgers.

Elian was signed as free agent by the Dodgers in 2003.  He made his major League debut for the Dodgers in 2012 against the Diamondbacks.  He played in 71 games for the Dodgers and had 195 at bats.  he hit .251 with 17RBI and 1 homer.  

While with the Isotopes Elian hit .300 with 91 RBI and ten homers in 197 games.

I wish Elian the best.  It was fun watching you grow here in Albuquerque.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Brad Ausmus Isotopes Park 2010

I thought this was interesting.  Brad Ausmus named Manager of the Detroit Tigers.  Ausmus spent 2009 and 2010 with the Dodgers.  Aumus also had a rehab stint here in Albuquerque in 2010.

Aumus played in four games here at Isotopes Park and logged eight at bats, in an Isotopes/Dukes uniform.  Aumus was here during Dukes retro night so he sported both uniforms.

He was 1-8 and caught one of my favorite all time Isotopes John Ely.

I've always heard on radio interviews that Ausmus would make a great manager someday.  That day has come and he will now be the skipper of the Tigers now.

Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Brad Aumus Isotopes Park 2010

With Ausmus getting the job that means Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach is still employed by the Dodgers.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Chili Buss 2013 at Isotopes Park

Along with many other Isotopes it's been an exciting year for Nick Buss that ended with a call up to play for the Dodgers. Many of fans did't know much about Buss.  We here in Albuquerque were lucky enough to watch him have a good season, and take a step towards playing with the Dodgers.  How did it all begin?  Here is a little back ground on Nick Buss.

Lets start with the name.  Here in Albuquerque he is better known as Chili Buss.  Why?  Because it's actually his name.  The story was told by Isotopes play-by-play announcer Josh Suchon.  His birth certificate actually says Nicholas Chili Buss.  His dad always wanted to give one of his kids a unique middle name, and he once played in a golf tournament with former Giant, Angel, Twin, Royal, and Yankee Chili Davis.  So his dad gave him the middle name Chili.

The Dodgers had originally tried to draft Buss in the 35th round 1043 overall in the 2006 armature draft, but the Dodgers didn't sign him.  At the time he was attending San Diego Mesa Community College.  He transferred to the University of Southern California.

The Dodgers then drafted Chili in the 8th round of the 2008 draft 247th overall. Who did the Dodgers pick ahead of Chili? That was the year that the Dodgers picked Ethan Martin (who was traded to the Phillies for Shane Victorino) as their first pick 15 overall,  Josh Lindblom second round 61 overall (Who was also traded to the Phillies with Martin for Victorino), Kyle Russell third round 93 overall (Released by the Dodgers signed a Minor League deal with the Braves), Dee Gordon fourth round 127 overall, John Michael Redding 5th round 157 (made it as high as AA, but spent the 2013 season with A Rancho Cucamonga), Tony Delmonicos sixth round 187 overall (Released by the Dodgers), Cole St. Clair seventh round 217 overall (released by the Dodgers April 2013), and then came the pick of  Nicholas Buss.

Chili made his way from Single-A Ogdon in 2008 .272 with 19 RBI, four homers and  11 doubles.  In 2009 he spent time with The Single-A Great Lakes Loons while with the Loons he hit .260 with 63 RBI ten homers, 15 doubles and 14 Stolen bases.  In 2010 Chili split time between Great Lakes Loons Single-A and the Inland Empire 66's Single-A+.  Between the both leagues he hit .264 with 48 RBI, 1 homer, with 19 doubles and 26 stolen bases.  Chili stayed with the Single-A+ League Rancho Cucamonga in 2011 (The Dodgers changed their affiliate from Inland Empire 66's to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes).  While with the Quakes he hit   .328 with 55 RBI, 14 homers 30 doubles and 28 stolen bases.  2012 sent Chili to Double-A Chattanooga.  Chili would play in 132 games and have 492 at bats for the Lookouts in 2012 hitting .27
 with 57 RBI, eight homers 24 doubles and 19 stolen bases.

In 2013 we would get to see what Chili would do at the Triple-A level here in Albuquerque. Chili really showed us here in Albuquerque what he could do in 2013.  Chili had 459 at bats with the Isotopes hitting .303 with a, 17 homers  29 doubles, 21 stolen bases and a league leading 100 RBI.

Buss was a PCL mid-season and a post-season All-Star.  He was a two time Dodger Pride Award winner.  He won the award for the months of June and August.  In the month of June he hit .289 with 29 RBI, three home runs and nine Doubles.  In August he would .321 with 19 RBI, and nine doubles.

Chili finished the season 1st in the PCL with 100 RBI, 2nd in triples with 11, 3rd in total bases with 241, 4th in slugging at .525.  Chili really got hot in the Isotopes last 43 games of the season hitting, .323 with 29 RBI and five homers.

That earned Chili a call up by the Dodgers on September 14, 2013.  On that very night he made his Major League debut as a pinch hitter in the game as a pinch hitter in the third inning for Carl Crawford (who was taken out of the game because of back stiffness) and remained in the game in left field for the Dodgers.  In his first at bat for the Dodgers Chili faced Giants starting pitcher Tim Lincecum and hit a fly ball to center field.  In his second at bat in the fifth inning he hit a single to right field collecting his first Major League hit.  He finished the night 1-3, and was the starting right fielder and batting eighth for the Dodgers the next day going 1-4.

Chili finished the season with the Dodgers and had 19 at bats collecting two hits.  He is now playing winter ball in Venezuela, so it hasn't slowed down for him.

It's hard to say what the future holds for Chili.  Maybe we will get another season of watching him play here in Albuquerque.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez
One player I was excited to watch this season was starting pitcher Matt Magill.  At the start of the season I thought Matt would spend the entire season here in Albuquerque because of the depth in the Dodgers starting pitching.  Because of injuries Magill was called upon sooner than I expected.

Magill made his first start for the Isotopes on April 5, 2013.  Magill threw 80 pitches faced 18 batters gave up five hits and three earned runs in four innings pitched. He gave up one homer that day  to Brad Nelson of the Iowa Cubs, who would finish the day with two homers.

On his fourth start April 22, he was pulled from the game early, only pitching four innings.  I've learned from the past, when a player gets pulled early from a game, there is a chance he will get called up by the Dodgers.

In four starts in the month of April, Magill would pitch 19 innings, give up 19 hits, 10 earned runs, walk 14, while striking out 19 batters.

Magill would get the call from the Dodgers, and make his Major League debut on April 27, 2013 against the Milwaukee Brewers.

I was pretty excited to see how Magill would do in the Majors.  I had never spoken to Magill while he was here with the Isotopes, but I felt like I was watching someone I knew make his debut in the Big leagues(I feel the same with all players that play with the Isotopes and get called up).  That's what makes living in a Minor League town so special.  You watch these young men working hard just to get the chance to play with the greatest team on earth. The Dodgers.

Photo Credit Evan Chavez
The Isotopes were in Round Rock so I didn't have to make the decision between going to an Isotopes game or Watch Magill make his debut.  If I had to make the decision,  I would have chosen Magill's debut.

Magill ended up facing 27 batters and  throwing 103 pitches in his debut.  His final line was 6.2IP 4H 2R 2ER 2BB 7K.

Magill Would start six games for the Dodgers in 2013.  Magill like many other Isotopes was like a yo-yo being optioned Back to the Isotopes on May 20, to make room for Ted Lilly who was returning from the DL, then being recalled to make an Emergency start for Hyun-Jin Ryu on June 2, and then he was sent down immediately then recalled again on June 9, then sent down a final time on June 10.  While with the Dodgers in 2013 Magill  compiled a record of 0-2 and and ERA of 6.51 Striking out 26 and walking 28 in 27.2 innings.

Photo Credit Evan Chavez
Magill returned to the Isotopes on June 19, to make his first start since being sent back down.  Magill was pulled after only two innings.  Many speculated it was because he would be recalled to start for the Dodgers, but on June 20 Magill was place on the DL with right forearm tightness.

Magill Started a game for the Arizona Dodgers Rookie team on July 5, 2013.  Going three innings giving up one hit and striking out three.  It would be his only start before returning to Albuquerque.

On July 10, Magill would make his start for the Isotopes after being activated from the DL.  Matt would throw 50 pitches 32 for strikes, in 3.1 innings.  He would give up five hits, two earned runs, walk one and strike out three.

Magill would not get called up to pitch for the Dodgers again in 2013, not even as a September call up.  He would pitch ten more games for the Isotopes in 2013 in those ten game he would go 4-2 with a 3.75 ERA he would walk 25 strike out 62 in 50.1 innings.

The final line for Magill in the 2013 season while with the Isotopes, 6-2 3.35 ERA.  Walks had been an issue in 2013 with Magill but his numbers looked alot better in his last ten games.

It was a busy season ion 2013 for Magill.  I have no idea what the future holds for Magill nor would I even want to speculate.  I enjoy watching him pitch and wish him the best.


Photo Credit Evan Chavez

The past week in New Mexico there have been four Police Officers shot in New Mexico.  I have the most respect for our Public Safety officers.  As a matter of fact my father-in law is a retired  Bernalillo County Sheriffs officer.

On Wednesday October 30, Donut Mart will be offering a free donut and coffee to all public safety officers (police, fire, EMS, military, etc.) 

In addition, Donut Mart will donate $1 from every purchase of any regular-priced dozen donuts this Wednesday through through November 6, to The "One Hundred Club of New Mexico, Inc.” – an entity which provides aid to the spouses and dependents of sworn police and other law enforcement officers and firefighters in New Mexico who lose their lives in the line of duty"

The Isotopes will donate one Reserved Level ticket voucher to any 2014 non-restricted home game for those who purchase a dozen donuts or who make an additional cash donation. 

Looks like I going to be buying lots of Donuts in the next week

Here is a list of Donut Mart locations

1916 Central Avenue NE (Central and University)
831 Juan Tabo NE
1723 Lomas Boulevard NE
3301 Coors Boulevard NW
4501 Montgomery NE

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Alex Castellanos

Since the Dodgers and Isotopes Affiliation in 2009 we have seen a few players traded. You kinda learn as a fan that trades are part of the game.

Alex Castellanos who spent two years in an Albuquerque Isotopes uniform was traded to the Boston Red Sox last week for outfielder Jeremy Hazelbaker.

Photo Credit Evan Chavez

Castellanos was acquired by the Dodgers in 2011 for Rafeal Furcal and cash.

While with the Isotopes in 2012-2013 Castellanos hit .291 with 113 RBI and and 36 homers. We have seen Alex play right field, left Field, second base, third base and even played nine games in center field.

Alex also swiped 35 bases in the two years with the Isotopes.

He also did spend time with the Dodgers. On May 31, 2012 he made his Major League debut.

While in 24 games with the Dodgers Castellanos hit .171 with four RBI and Two homers.

I wish Alex the best with the Red Sox organization. It was nice watching him play and grow as a player. Alex will always have a fan here in Albuquerque.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez

It's reported on that former Albuquerque Isotopes Manager and current Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach has interviewed for the Detroit Tigers Managers job.

Wallach spent two years as the Manager of the Isotopes and had a record of 152-135.

Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Tim Wallach warms up by throwing a Knuckle ball before batting practice at Isotopes Park

In 2009 he was the Pacific Coast League Manager of the year.

Best of luck to the former Skipper of the Topes. While it will be a loss for the Dodgers if Wallach were to get the job, I am all for him taking advantage of an opportunity.

Best of luck to you Mr. Wallach


Photo Credit Evan Chavez

There are certain players that come to Albuquerque on rehab assignment that will always be remembered by Isotopes fans. Maybe not b name but by features. I've been told by people "I went to an Isotopes game and saw the guy with the dread locks, whats his name" referring to Manny Ramirez who rehabbed with the Isotopes in 2009. Lately I've heard the same thing but they are talking about a beard instead of dread locks, referring to pitcher Brian Wilson. Certain things like that will be talked about like that for years.

Brian Wilson was granted free agency by the Giants in November of 2012, after having Tommy john surgery.

The Dodgers signed him on July 30, 2013. Wilson started his comeback at the Dodgers Single-A affiliate in Rancho Cucamonga, where he appeared in one game pitching one inning.

Photo Credit Evan Chavez
Wilson pitched in his first game for the Isotopes on August 9, 2013. Wilson came in to relieve starting pitcher Jonathon Sanchez in the top of seventh inning. Wilson faced three batters, and recorded three outs. Two ground outs and one line out. Wilson threw seven pitches five for strikes on his first appearance with the Isotopes.

It was two days later when Wilson appeared on the mound for the Isotopes again. Wilson entered the game in the top of the seventh replacing reliever Kelvin De La Cruz. Where he got pop up a ground out and a strikeout swinging.

Wilson had his last appearance with the Isotopes on August 13, 2013. Who would have thought they could see both Brian Wilson and Dontrell Willis (Willis was the starting pitcher for the Salt Lake Bees) pitch in the same game. This time Wilson would pitch an inning and a third.

Wilson got a ground out a fly out and a strikeout before a batter got a hit off him, a single ground ball to the outfield. The next batter hit into a force out at second.

That was Wilson's last time on the mound for the Isotopes. In all for the Isotopes he pitched in three games going 3.1 innings gave up one hit and struck out two. His ERA for the Isotopes 0.00

Not a bad performance we witnessed. At the time I didn't know how I would feel about the former Giant, but now I am hoping Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti does resign him.

While with the Dodgers in the regular season 2-1 with a 0.66 ERA striking out 13 in 31.2 innings. In the post season for the Dodgers he appeared in Six games pitched six innings and had an ERA of 0.00 while striking out eight.

Not a bad couple of months for Mr. Wilson. It was nice to see him get his work in here in Albuquerque.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Photo credit Evan Chavez
Yea I have alot of time this week so you are getting another post.  Many of you are saying the guy doesn't post all season and he starts to post when the season is over.  I know I said that to myself. 

When the Dodgers and the Isotopes announced their affiliation back in 2009 we have seen many superstar players came to Isotopes Park on a rehab assignment.  The most hyped of them all would be Manny Ramirez.

Ramirez came to Albuquerque to get some work in before rejoining the Dodgers, after being suspended for 50 games.  I was there and so was everyone else in Albuquerque.  I had never seen so much excitement for a player before.  Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse and maybe even get an autograph.  I know I did.

I didn't buy the dread locks but yea I wore a Dodgers T shirt that said Ramirez on the back.   

I always wondered what Ramirez thought of all the Hype, or if he even liked Albuquerque.

In 2012 Ramirez returned to Albuquerque as part of the Sacramento Rivercats who is the Triple-A Affiliate of the Oakland A's, and the same people who were cheering him on after being suspended, were now booing him three years later.  I didn't understand that.

Photo credit Evan Chavez

Manny played two games with the Isotopes in 2009 and had four plate appearances.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


A bat signed by Tommy Davis

Howdy everyone It's been since April since I have posted anything. I wish I could post everyday but I can't so maybe once a month maybe once a week I try and post when I can.

As many of you know I get very excited about anything that has to do with the Dodgers. I like to share my excitement with others. I had the opportunity to go to a SABR meeting at Isotopes Park. Franklin Stubbs was the scheduled as the guest speaker. I was very excited to get to listen to him speak, so my emotions were already at a high level. While sitting at The Captains Corner in left field, I noticed Mr Stubbs walking toward us with another man who I recognized right away. Mr Stubbs brought with him Tommy Davis.

Yea I'll admit it, I wanted to scream like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

I have had the opportunity to take a picture with Mr. Davis but that's another story, about how there are people who still don't know how to take a picture with a cell phone. Anyway yea I had an adrenalin rush that I have never had before. Stubbs began to speak. As many of you already know he was the hitting coach with the Albuquerque Isotopes in 2013.

There was 19 SABR members in attendance so it was pretty up close and personal. Stubbs was asked the question "What is it like to win a World Series?" He said for us to think of the happiest moment in our lives, and at that moment Tommy Davis jumped in and said "Think of when you met your wife." Then the two started talking candidly about hitting, and other baseball stuff. At that moment another shot of adrenaline hit. I started to think I'm sitting here a nobody with no athletic skills is sitting here listening to Tommy Davis and Franklin Stubbs talk about hitting.

 After they both were done talking, I walked up to Mr. Davis and asked him if I could take a picture with him. And here it is, captured in a photo me and Tommy Davis. I will forever charish this picture.  Heck I already show it to everyone, even if they don't know who Tommy Davis is. 

Me and Tommy Davis

Then I asked Mr. Stubbs if I could take a picture with him.

Me and Franklin Stubbs

I must say that was a day I will never forget.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Photo Credit Ron Cervenka
Dodgers Ted Lilly will pitch for the Albuquerque Isotopes on Wednesday April 10.  Lillys is recovering from left labrum surgery.

Lilly was originally drafted by the Dodgers in 1996, traded to the Expos in 1998, then traded to the Yankees in 2000.  He was part of a three team deal between the Yankees, the Athletics and the Tigers that sent him to Athletics.  He then was traded to Toronto in 2003.

Lilly sign as a free agent with the Cubs in 2006.  In 2010 he was traded to the Dodgers for former Isotope Blake Dewitt, and Brett Wallach.  Brett Wallach is the son of Tim Wallach former skipper of the Isotopes.

This is not Lilly's first trip to Albuquerque, he pitched here for the Albuquerque Dukes in 1998, while in the Dodgers Minor League system.

Photo Credit Ron Cervenka
This is Lillys second rehab start, on April 5, he rehabbed with the Single-A affiliate of the Dodgers Rancho Cucamonga.  In that first rehab start Lilly went Six innings gave up nine hits five earned runs and three home runs.

Lilly will face the Omaha Storm Chasers tomorrow which is the Triple-A affiliated with the Royals.

Photo Credit Ron Cervenka
Thank you to Ron Cervenka of Think Blue LA for the photos of Ted Lilly from spring training and his rehab start with the Quakes.  You can go to Ron's blog and forum at

Friday, April 5, 2013


Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Matt Magill walking to the dugout before his first Triple-A start
Isotopes 10 Cubs 6

Isotopes chalk  up a second win.  Top prospect Matt Magill in his Triple-A debut goes 4IP 5H 3ER 2K 4BB.

It was a win, and that's what counts.

Alex Castellanos hits the first homerun of the season for the Isotopes.  A two run homer in the fifth.

As I said in yesterdays post, I cant say enough about Elian Herrera, who was 2 for 4 with two runs scored, a double two RBI and a walk.  He also stole a base.

Gordon and Castellanos each stole a base.  It was there second in as many nights.

Steve Ames has was pulled while batting after sufering some sort of injury.  No word on how serious the injury is...

Every Isotopes position player collected a hit.  Gordon, Van Slyke, Angle (two doubles), Gwynn, Wallach and Herrera where all with multiple hits (two each).

Shawn Tolleson got in his work today going two innings giving up NO HITS and NO RUNS, striking out three.

My favorite play of the day was an awesome catch by Dee gordon.   Not only does he make a spectacular catch but he throws out the runner trying to return to first. 

The take the fielsd again tomorrow at 7:00 PM at Isotopes Park.  Scheduled to start for the Isotopes is RHP Blake Johnson.


Photo credit Evan Chavez: Stephan Fife 2012 at Isotopes Park
Isotopes 10 Cubs 3

Game one of the 2013 for the Albuquerque Isotopes is in the books, and it was a win for the Albuquerque Isotopes. Here are some of my thought on the first game of the season. 

There is alot of talent on this team.  You have prospects like Magill, Ames, Withrow, mixed in with players who have spent time with the Dodgers like Guerra, Fife, Castellanos, Herrera, and Van Slyke.

Fife went four innings gave up six hits and two runs walked one and struck out two.  Aguasviva 1.2 pitched hitless and scoreless.  Castro and Wall each go one inning with no hits no runs.

The mixture of Dee Gordon, Elian Herrera, Alex Castellanos and Scott Van Slyke is going to be very fun to watch. 

Watching Gordon (who looked very fast out of the box and on the bases), and Castellanos on the bases is also going to be fun.  They each stole a base last night.

What can I say about Elian Herrera.  He could become one of my favorite Isotopes this season.  He does what he has to do to have a good at bat.

Castellanos is also going to be a guy to keep your eye on.  He has lots of tools.  He too is becomoing one of my favorite players to watch.

Isotopes have an afternoon game today 2:00 MT.  You Don't want to miss this one because top ten pespect in Dodgers organization Matt Magill will start for Isotopes.  The game will be broadcasted on 1050 AM not 610.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Opening Day 2013

Photo Credit Evan Chavez
I was between Taos NM and Espanola NM when the first pitch was thrown out by Dodger legend Sandy Koufax. I was working so I had to listen to the game on my MLB At Bat app. Yea if you were driving behind me you might have even seen me kinda jump out of my seat, when I heard Koufax was comming out to take the ball from Mattingly.  I have never been to an Opening Day, but it is on my bucket list.

All the excitment in Los Angeles got me pretty excited about our opening Day here in Albuquerque. It's just two days away!

I have learned over the season's to pay close attention to every player on the field because you never know who is going to get the call from the Dodgers.

I remember seeing John Ely, announced and a week later Ely Mania began in Los Angeles. 

I also remeber seeing a guy who had a strange batting stance by the name of Luis Cruz on Opening Day.  Later that season he was called up and never returned to Albuquerque.

Then you have the highly touted players like a you Dee Gordon, and Jerry Sands who both here on Opening Day 2011.

Yes I consider myself very blessed to be able to watch these young men play here in Albuquerque. 

I am also very excited to listen to the first pregame interview and game call by Josh Suchon.  You too who don't live in the Albuquerque Area can listen to Josh on the Isotopes app.

Game time is 6:35 Mountain Time.  gates open at 5:35.  Fleece blacket is the promotion.

Game time will be at 6:35 MT

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Josh Suchon answers questions from KRQE Channel 13 Van Tate
Josh Suchon was named as the new Albuquerque Isotopes play-by-play broadcaster today.  Many of you from the west coast may know Josh as the co-host of  Dodger Talk 2008-2011.  He also did the pre and post game show for the Dodgers.
Josh would be the third broadcaster in Isotopes history (Mike Roberts and Robert Portnoy).

I like the move. 
Me and Josh Suchon Isotopes Play-By-Pay broadcaster