Sunday, July 24, 2011


I havn't had time for much in the past few weeks but I would't dream of missing Dukes Retro night at Isotopes Park.

I really like the Mustard yellow Dukes Jerseys.  All photos by Evan 

Jerry Sands played first base last night!

 Dee Gordon is so much fun to watch play.  When he gets on base watch out!

Trayvon Robinson can't wait for the day when I hear he has been called up!  Can't wait for the day to see a Dodger outfield of Robinson, Kemp, and Ethier! 

Since A J returned back to Albuquerque he is so serious. 

Lorenzo Bundy I like the guy it seems like he has a close bond with all of the players

Jerry Sands almost threw down with the Zephyers.  Dee Gordon had to hold him back

I will have more pictures and a post about the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame later this week!