Sunday, November 11, 2012


Matt Kemp sporting an Albuquerque Isotopes uniform and cap

Albuquerque is 800 miles from Dodger Stadium, so getting out there to see a game can sometimes be difficult.  I consider myself lucky to make it out there once a season.  So when we get the opportunity to see a super star player like Matt Kemp play it is a treat for Dodger fans here in Albuquerque.

This was a Homerun!

We were lucky enough to see Matt Kemp in an Isotopes uniform twice in the 2012 season.

Watching how super stars interact with fans in a Minor League town can say alot about the player as a person.  I have witnessed players ignore fans completly, and I have also witnessed players only acknowledge fans only when cameras are around.

Matt Kemp as he signed autographs for the fans at Isotopes Park

I didn't know what to expect from Matt Kemp.  I had seen him interact with fans at Major League Parks and he was good.  But what he be like her in Albuquerque?

Living here in Albuquerque you have this image of players in your mind from things you read or videos you see.  I almost feel like you know the player because watch the player on TV almost every night for six months.

On one of the nights Matt Kemp rehabbed in Albuquerque the Isotopes wore camouflage Jersey's which were auctioned off aftere the game

I have been disappointed before by players, so I reallly didn't know what to expect from Matt.

Well I wasn't disappointed.  I feel he went above and beyond for fans here in albuquerque.  I really was impressed by Matt.  The same way he was with fans when I seen him at Big League Parks was the same way he was here in Albuquerque.

 By the way he was with fans here told me alot about his charactor.  I have much respect for Matt and think you players should take a page out of his book.  Matt has made me a fan of his for life. Thank you Matt!

Matt Kemp at Isotopes Park

Here are some pictures I took of Matt while he rehabed here in Albuquerque.   

Istopes Jersey L.A Helmet

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