Thursday, December 13, 2012


This picture has nothing to do with the Logan White interview :)  I took this picture of Jason Repko a Coors field
As many of you know I listen to XM Radio a lot.  Tonight on my way home from work, I heard an interview with the Dodgers VP of amatuer scouting Logan White on MLB Network Radio Channel 89.  I am a big fan of Logan, not only because of the great work he does, but because he is from New Mexico.

In the interview he talked about was how he used to run into Zack Greinke at games scouting players during srping training.  White also said abot Greinke "He is a young man that takes great interest in the game, to see a guy take that kind of interest is pretty neet."

He also talked about Hyun-Jin Ryu saying "He is a big physical guy alot like Kuo.  He is going to feture a fast ball that will run from 90 to 94 mph range with a little bit of tail more cutting action.  He's got a hard slider. a real big slower overhand curve ball that he throws 68, 70 mph, and a change up."

He also spoke about Yasiel Puig I was real intersted in hearing what he had to say about him because I imagine he will play here in Albuquerque sometime during the 2013 season.  Logan said when asked about where he will start and he said high A or Double-A.

When asked about Zach Lee White said "He pitched real well in A ball and went up to Double-A and struggled, and to show you the kind of makeup, he rebounded and finished real strong in Double-A.  He also said he anticipated he will start in Double-A this year."

If you are like me and eat, sleep baseball I recomend XM Radio.
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