Sunday, December 9, 2012


I took this picture the last time I went to Dodger Stadium.  First the economy kept me a from returning, then the whole ownership thing discouraged me from returning, but now the ownership has proved to me they are dedicated to winning and that gets me excited about making a trip from Albuquerque, to Los Angeles.
It's been a good weekend for Dodgers fans.  First with the signing of right-handed pitcher Zack Greinke, then the big news today of the signing of left-handed pitcher, from Korea Hyun-Jin Ryu.

How did the deal between the Dodgers and Ryu come together?

  • On November 10, 2012 the Dodgers paid $25.7 million to the Hanwha Eagles from the Korean Baseball Organizations, to have exclusive Negotiating rights for 30 days with Ryu.
  • I did a post on November 12, 2012 called WHO IS RYU HYUN-JIN, that tells you a littlebit about who he is and what he has accomplished.
  • On November 14, 2012 Vin Scully is my Homeboy post pictures of Ryu arriving in Los Angeles.
  • On November 15, 2012 Ryu's agent Scott Boras invites the media to his office in New Port Beach, California to meet Hyun-Jin Ryu.  The L.A. Times Dylan Hernadez writes in an article tittled Ryu Hyun-jin compared to Mark Buehrle by agent. In the article Hernandez writes about the conference "If Ryu’s introductory news conference on Thursday at Boras’ Newport Beach office was any indication, the agent will be asking for a lot of money."

  • In the conference Boras compares Ryu to Mark Buehrle who a year before signed a four-year $58 million dollar deal with the Marlins in the 2011 off season.
  • Jump now to December 4, 2012.  The Dodgers make an offer to Ryu and he rejects the offer.
  • Now December 9, 2012 we all know the deadline is at 5:00 pm ET.  Right at the deadline the word breaks on Twitter from numorous sources that the Dodgers and Ryu have reached an agreement.
There were plenty of post to choose from about the terms off the agreement and they are basically all the same. But lets go with L.A. Times Dylan Hernadez and his Tweets about the deal between the Dodgers and Ryu.

  • Six years $36 million dollars
  • $5 million dollars signing bonus
  • There is NOT a no trade clause
  • Ryu's base salary can increase on how he does in Cy Young votining
  • The Dodgers will pay for an interpreter for Ryu
  • Ryu can earn an additional $1 million per year in bonuses 250k each for 170, 180, 190, 200 innings pitched
  • Ryu can't be sent to the Minor Leagues without written consent
So after all that, in one weekend the Dodgers have spent about $210 million ($147 million on Greinke, 27.5 posting fee for Ryu, and 36million on Ryu) on two pitchers.

That sets up the Dodgers rotation that could include Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Becket, Billingsley, Capuano, Hurang, and Lilly.  Not a bad group to choose from.

Those of you who Bleed Dodger Blue, what do you think.  Do you like the signing?  Do you think the Dodgers paid too much?  Who do you think will make the Dodgers 2013 starting rotation?  let me know ny emailing me at, because I Bleed Dodger Blue 2, just like you.
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