Friday, November 30, 2012


I took this picture of Russell Martin in 2007 at Dodger Stadium

After being non-tendered by the Dodgers in December of 2010, and playing two seasons with the New York Yankees, Russell Martin signed a two year deal worth $17 million dollars with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I heard Russell on a radio interview today he said the Yankees never offically made him an offer.  He also said the Texas Rangers made him an offer, but not as good as the one offered by the Pirates.

I believe Martin's best years were in a Dodgers uniform.  In 2007 he hit .293 with 19 homers and 21 stolen bases. Last season he hit .242 with 16 homers and 8 stolen bases.

It's funny because I thought he would be a Dodger froever, so much that I paid $275 for a MARTIN jersey that I haven't worn since his departure from the Dodgers.

I wish him the best with the Pirates.

I took this picture of Trayvon Robinson at Isotopes Park in 2011.  It was Dukes retro night

Trayvon Robinson who was in the Dodgers organization, and was traded to the Seattle Mariners back in 2011, was traded earlier this week again, this time to the Baltimore Orioles.  He was traded for former Isotopes short stop Robert Andino.  Andino played for the Isotopes when they were affiliated with the Florida Marlins.

In 2012 Robinson Played 83 games with Triple-A Tacoma, and 46 games in the Majors Leagues, with the Mariners.  While with the Mariners he hit .221, with 12 RBI, three homers and six stolen bases.  Robinson had 145 at bats striking out 43 time while walking only 14 times.

I hope he does well in Baltimore.

Here is some news about a former player who started his professional career with Dodgers, and might be on his way back to the organization.  I'll let you read the Tweet from Buster Olney. 

Joel Hanrahan was drafted by the Dodgers in the 2000 amateur draft, and played in the Dodgers Minor League system till he was granted free agency in October, of 2006.

Hanrahan was the closer for the Pirates, where he accumulated 82 saves and had an ERA of 2.59 in four seasons.  

Thursday, November 29, 2012


One of my favorite cards I own
There is a great article in fall issue of Baseball Research by Chuck Roscaim pleading the case for Mike Piazza for the Hall of Fame.  First I think all baseball fans should be members of SABR.  This article is a must read for Dodger fans.

I know Piazza if voted in to the Hall of Fame he will go in as a Met, but I am still a fan not only because he came up as a Dodger, but because he came through Albuquerque on his way up.

Here is some of Piazza's numbers and highlights while in a Dodger uniform from Roscaim's article.

His first homerun was hit to right center with men on second and third  and the Dodgers were leading the Giants 3-0.  Steve Reed was the pitcher.
We might want to call Piazza Mr. June, because he hit 85 of his 427 homers in the month of June.

Piazza played 726 games as a Dodger and caught 700.

Correction to previos info here. Piazza leads catchers with 396 homers. He leads Carlton Fisk by 45 homers. Those numbers are homeruns while at the catcher position.

Sorry about the mis information, I was looking at career plate appearance per homerun. Piazza 427, 18.14, Campanella 242, 19.90.

This is a must read not only for Dodger fans but for baseball fans.

This got me thinking what Piazza's number were while here in Albuquerque?

Piazza only spent part of one the 1992 season with the Dukes 94 games, but he did hit .341 16 homers and knocked in 69 RBI in 358 at bats.

Piazza's final numbers while playin 16 years in Major League Baseball, .308, 1335 RBI, 427 homers 2127 hits.  I say he gets in.

You can find out more about SABR ar

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


If you would have asked me a year ago if I had ever heard of Mark Walter, I would have said no.  If you would have told me a year ago that Magic Johnson, and Stan Kasten would be in the group that purchased the Dodgers, I would have probably looked at you like you were crazy.

Well Mark Walter, Magic Johnson, and Stan Kasten are part of the group that owns the Dodgers.  Last year at this time fans had no clue what direction the group that would purchase the Dodgers was headed.  Right now we know they want the Dodgers to win just like the fans do. 

Last year we were reading Tweets about divorce, Bankruptcy, houses in Malibu, and MLB taking the team over.

My how things change.  Check out these Tweets about the Dodgers now.

Jim Bowden thinks the Dodgers are commited to outbid the Angels

Ken Rosenthal says don't be suprised by the amount of $ Greinke gets!


This is my favorite Tweet.  Buster Olney talks about the past fears that owners had of Ted Turner and George Steinbrenner ar laughable

Bill Shaikin says the Dodgers will top the best offer!

I must say I smile while reading all these Tweets.  It's nice being a Dodger fan now days.


Christmas is right around the corner and you might be wondering, what you should get for the Dodger fan in you life?  I hope to help you with that question.

Here are some stuff I would like under my Christmas tree.

You can never go wrong with a fitted cap.  Please no adjustable caps it has to be a New Era 59 fifty fitted cap.  You know how some lady's seem to have abundance amount of shoes (like my wife), I have a nice assortment of fitted caps.  You can never go wrong with a fitted cap, LA (only Blue with white LA), Isotopes (I prefer Blue with white logo, but also like black with red bill and solid black), or even Dukes.

The Dodger cap can be found on the Dodgers website for $34.99.  Click here for a direct link.

The Albuquerque Isotopes cap can be found at the Pro Shop at Iosotopes Park or on thier website for $32.00.  Click here for a direct link.

I am a big coffee drinker, I gotta have it every moring.  I am not a Strabucks kinda guy, I like just regular old fashion coffee.  The funny thing is the last Dodger mug I had purchased has Dereck Lowe, Russell Martin, and Andre Ethier on it.  Yea it's been a while since my last Dodger mug.  So I found a nice one on the Dodgers website for $24.99.  they have many styles but I prefer this one because it holds more COFFEE!  Click here for a direct link.

If any of you have seen me in the early months of the baseball season at Isotopes Park you will notice I always wear a hoody under a my Dodger jacket.  The hoody I wear is an old bulky hoody.  The Dodgers website has  an Authentic Collection Change Up Commemorative Hooded Sweatshirt.  It doesn't look a bulky as my old one and it has the 50th Anniversary logo on it.  It looks pretty cool!  You can find them on the Dodgers website by for $69.99 by clicking here.

 Since I changed the name of my blog to I Bleed Dodger Blue 2 (too), I have been infatuated by the number 2.  I like to wear jersey's but only the Authenic Jersey's.  I have argued with friends about how it is not the same as the one they payed $50 bucks for. I refuse to get a fake jersey.  I learned my lesson the a few years ago when I bought a Russell Martin jersey then he changed his name to J Martin, then the Dodgers non tendered him.  Since that mistake I am very cautious about buying a certain players jersey.  So why not buy a Tommy Lasorda jersey?  You cant go wrong with any of the retired numbers actually, and that is my new rule.  I am only buying jersey's of players that are retired Dodgers.  You can find them on the Dodgers website for about $225.00 by clicking here.

Now to the big thing I want.  If my wife is reading this forget everyting you have read above and just focus on this next item.  What I would really want is a Brooklyn Dodgers Authentic 1955 Jackie Robinson Home Jersey by Mitchell & Ness.  You can't go wrong with this as a present.  I was told by another Dodger fan that every Dodger fan should have this jersey so now I must get it.  You can find this on the Dodgers website for $274.99 by clicking here.

So those are the five gifts that a Dodger fan would love to find under the Christmas tree.  I didn't take these photos they are from the and the Albuquerque Isotopes website.


Gregory Infante is a right-handed pitcher from Caracas, Distrito Federal Valenzuela.  He was signed by the Chicago White Sox, as an amatuer free agent in 2006.

Infante has had a cup of coffee with the White Sox in 2010 pitching 4.2 inings in five games.

In December of  2011 Marc Hulet from Fangraphs wrote about Infante Gregory Infante, RHP: Infante has a bowling ball fastball that averages out around 95 mph, as well as a curveball and changeup. He needs to improve the command of his fastball, which will help his other pitches play up. The right-hander has the ceiling of an eighth-inning reliever – and possible closer if he makes the necessary adjustments. He has a chance to break camp with the big club in 2012.

2012 wasn't nice to Infante, only pitching 33 innings in 21 games between Double-A and Triple-A.  The reports I have read said he had suffered some sort of oblique injury in March.

As I am writing these post on players who have been signed to Minor League contracts I have notice it's the same old story "If he can stay heathy".  So I'll say it again If he can stay heathy he might be provide the Dodgers with some depth.  I am thinking he will end up here in Albuquerque with the Isotopes.

Infante is playing in the Winter ball in Venezuela,  where he has pitched in four games and pitched two innings.  His ERA stands at 22.50.  He has given up six hits and five runs, two of them homers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


AJ Ellis (above), JD Closser, Tim Federowicz, Josh Bard have all put on the catching gear for the Isotopes
Of all the players that the Dodgers have signed to Minor League contracts, I think we are most likely to see Wilkin Castillo in an Isotopes uniform this season. 

Castillo is from Bani, Dominican Republic.  He was signed ny the Arizona Diamond Backs in 2002 as an amatuer free agent.

In 2008 he was number 14 on the Diamond Backs top prospect list.  Castillo was part of the trade that sent Adam Dunn to the D Backs.

Castillo ha been part of the Diamond Backs, Reds, and Braves oragnizations. 

Castillo has 35 at bats in the Major Leagues, and nine seasons in the Minor League's.  He has 1420 at bats in Triple-A.  He spent last season with the Colorado Sky Sox the Triple-A team for the Colorado Rockies.

Castillo seems to be primarly a catcher but plays all over the infield.  Last season with the Sky Sox Castillo played, 64 games behind the plate, two games at second, one at third, two in left field. and one as a DH.

With the Sky Sox he hit .253 with 34 RBI and four homers.  He has a lifetime Minor League batting average of .270 with  71 homers in nine seasons. 

Castillo is playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic for the Leones del Escogido.  he has 75 at bats in 24 games.  Castillo is hitting .240 with 25 RBI and one homer.


It was also Dukes Retro night at Isotopes Park

I have been a subscriber to XM Satalite Radio for a long time now,  I want to say since 2002.  I listen to MLB Network Radio constantly through out the day.  One of my favorite baseball hosts is Kevin Kennedy.  I liked how his insight and stories about the Dodgers, not to mention I thought it was cool how he talked about his time with the Albuquerque Dukes as a Manager.  It's always nice to here about your home town on national radio.

Kevin was also one of the host of Dodger Talk, a show I am able to listen 800 miles away here in Albuquerque, thanks to Iphone and Podcasts.

Last season Kevin was inducted to the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame, at Isotopes Park.  I now had the chance to shake his hand and obtain an autograph and you know me get a picture with him.

Kevin is no longer on XM, or the off season addition of Dodger Talk.  So if you read this Kevin you need to get back on the air!  Thanks for the autograph, picture, and keeping me awake at work.

I can cross Kevin off my list of people I want to take pictures with from XM Radio.  All I have left is Mike Ferrin, Casey Stern, Jim Dequett, and Jim Bowden. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


I don't know about you but I have had enough off season, and am ready for some baseball.

Today the Albuquerque Isotopes the Triple-A club of the Los Angeles Dodgers released the 2013 game schedule.

The Isotopes begin the season on Thursday April, 4 against the Iowa Cubs. 

For those of you who like fireworks there will be 15 fireworks nights in 2013.  Here is something funny, my wife, and I have had season tickets for the Isotopes since the Dodgers returned in 2009, and we have only watched fireworks once.  Just not our thing we are there for the game.

There will be eight weekday afternoon games.  I love afternoon games, that's when I take my best pictures.  I guess I will be calling in sick to work atleast eight times in 2013.

Isotopes General Manager John Traub said about the schedule “This might very well be the best schedule in franchise history,” “We’re excited about the great dates we have and that we are able to respond to so many of the things that the fans ask for – namely fireworks, day games, and maintaining family affordability.  We have very high hopes and expectations as we begin our second decade in Albuquerque.”

The Isotopes also announced that ticket prices will remain the same! 

I would like to suggest that if you are a Dodger fan, you should try to make it out to Albuquqerque and check out the best Minor League Park in the world and the Dodgers Minor Leaguers.

So check out the schedule and make some plans to visit Albuquerque!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


This morning while drinking my cup of coffee I read a couple of articles on the Dodgers new TV deal.  so here are my thoughts.

MSTI has the best post I have read on the situation, so I recomend you read his post to get an idea on what is going on.  You can read it by clicking here.

Let me try to explain it the best I can.'s Editor in Chief, Nikki Finke reported that Fox is closing in on a TV deal with the Dodgers that has a dollar amount between $6 to $7 BILLION!  Click here to read the whole article.

My first thought is that sounds good to me more money to sign Grienke.  Living in Albuquerque I buy the Extra Innings package anyway because, If I didn't I wouldn't be able to see the Dodgers on TV.  That was my thoughts on the first part of her post. 

She goes on to write... But the sheer greed of Guggenheim’s ask on this new deal is staggering, especially when you consider it will all get passed down to the cable systems, advertisers, and ultimately consumers. The alternative for Guggenheim included higher ticket prices which would serve to only further alienate fans. Plus the new owners claim to need the money to bribe talented players to come to the mediocre Dodgers. And then there’s the sad fact that Major League Baseball teams are shifting from broadcast TV to cable networks – so fewer games will be available on free TV. Fox Sports expects to broadcast only one or two Major League Baseball games a week for the national audience next season.

My thoughts on that part of the article.  I don't think it's greed and I don't like the part where she writes the new owners claim to need the money to bribe talented players to come to the mediocre Dodgers.  Bribe mediocre, The Dodgers are not mediocre they have a huge fan base all over the world.  I also don't you would have to bribe a player to come play for the Dodgers.  That just sounds wierd BRIBE.

The other part I didn't understand is where she writes Major League Baseball teams are shifting from broadcast TV to cable networks – so fewer games will be available on free TV.  Unless I am missing something Fox only shows one game a week on free TV.  Like I said before if I didn't get the package it would be very hard to watch games from here in Albuquerque.

I personally think this is a good thing for Dodgers fans.  The way I see it is more money for the team not to bribe players, but to aquire players.  Maybe I took the article the wrong way.  You read it and let me know your thoughts.

Those are my thoughts.  If you Bleed Dodger Blue let me know what you think.  email me at


Hello to all my readers.  My name is Evan Chavez and I am a Dodger fan from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For those of you who used to read my old blog, I hope you become a reader of the newly named blog named I Bleed Dodger Blue 2.  There is not much of a difference in the layout and design, but I am going to try and go through everything to make it easier for you to subscribe, leave comments, search for popular post, and many other things.

First lets start with the name.  I wasn't very creative with the name of my old blog so I was trying to think of a name that best discribed not only me but let the readers. So i thought what do I have in common with my readers.  We Bleed Dodger Blue. I want the readers to know that I Bleed Dodger Blue too, just like them.  I thought instead of "Too" I would put the number 2, which represents the one and only number 2 Tommy Lasorda.  So hey Mr. Lasorda I Bleed Dodger Blue 2, just like you, and the millions of Dodgers fans around the world.

Second I have been sent emails asking "Why don't you change the colors to Dodger Blue?"  First  I really liked the layout so I kept it the same and I tried to change the colors if I changed the color I would have to change the layout. Second, I think the current color of the layout is easy on the eyes. Some colors may be harder to read,  this has seemed to work so for now that is staying the same.

Subscribers, if you were a subscriber to my old blog you have to resubscribe.  For those of you who are not a subscriber, it is a very easy process.  Under the header to the right of the post you will see subscribe by email.  Just enter your email address, and you will recieve an email that asks you to confirm your subscription.  Click on the link and you will recieve the latest posts right to your inbox.

Comments.  Under each post I urge you to let me know what you think.  You can leave a comment, or click on the box next to Funny, ineresting, or cool.  You can also email a link, post it on Facebook or Tweet it out.

Living in Albuquerque New Mexico and being an Albuquerque Isotopes season ticket holder, I want to bring to you the latest news, and infromation about the Dodgers, Triple-A partner.  I would also like you to see the great ball park we have here in Albuquerque through my photos.

I would also like to keep you informed on how the young Dodger players are doing down here on the farm.

I am also a member of Rio Grande SABR and will be posting on events, meetings and guest speakers the chapter will be having. 

I am not a writer, photographer, or baseball scout.  I am just a very passionate fan who loves the Dodgers, baseball, and Bleeds Dodger Blue.

So tell your friends, bookmark it, Tweet it, ot post it on your Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  If you have any ideas, comments, tips, or if you Bleed Dodger Blue 2, let met know.  I like to hear what people think.  You can email me at


Hector was drafted by the Marlins in 4th round of the 2006 draft.  Correa is a right-handed pitcher from Hatillo, Puerto Rico.  That is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico.  He played in the Marlins organization from 2006 to 2008.  In 2009 he was part of a trade that sent Ronny Pualino to the Marilins and Correa to the Giants.  Paulino had been aquired by the Giants two hours earlier from the Phillies.

After being traded to the Giants Correa went down with a shoulder problem.  He was added to the Giants 40 man roster to be protected from the rule 5 draft in 2012, but has never pitched above Double-A.

In six seasons in the Minor Leagues he posted a 21-17 record with a 4.09 ERA.  He has a crareer record of 302 strikeouts to 102 walks. 

He is playing in the Puerto Rico Winter League right now, but has only pitched in one game back on November 8th.  He struckout two and walked three in one inning.

Ken Gurnick of calls him "injury-prone," so lets see if he stays heathy

Here is some video I found on Correa on YouTube from a spring training game.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Scott Van Slyke at Isotopes Park in 2012.  Van Slyke is teamate with Rojas in Winter ball

The next player who was signed by the Dodgers to a Minor League contract by the Dodgers is short stop Miguel Rojas.

Rojas is a right-handed short stop from Municipio Guaicapuro, Venezuela.  He was signed by the Reds as a non-drafted freee agent in 2005.

He has played in the Reds organization his entire career, making his way all the way to Triple-A. 

His best year in professional baseball while he was playing in Single-A where he hit .273 4 homers and 49 RBI.  He has a lifetime average of .234.

I read on a Reds blog he has an slightly unorthodox swing. It also says he was a "defensive first player".  In other words his glove will make up for his bat.

Rojas is playing in the Venezuela with his new Dodger teamates Alex Castellanos, and Scott Van Slyke. He is hitting .160 down there.

Here is a video i found on Youtube of Rojas.  The video is from 2009.


It’s all about networking. (Photo credit – Ron Cervenka & Evan Chavez)
Ron put this picture up on  I thought this represented networking well
Before I started my blog I would depend on blogs from the west coast to be by eyes and ears on what was happening with the Dodgers.  I would get up before I went to work and check out all the different sites what was going on with the Dodgers.  When the Dodgers announced that they would be affiliated with the Isotopes I wanted to provide fans with eyes and ears from here in Albuquerque.

I was contacted by Ron Cervenka from Think Blue LA about doing some networking.  I imediatly said yes!  I am all for working with other bloggers.  We are all passionate fans, and by networking with other blogs we could bring fans different angles about the Dodgers organization.

I get real excited when I am able to talk to Dodger fans who are as passionate as I am, and these guys Bleed Dodger Blue Too.

I am going to tell you a little about Think Blue LA.  First you can get to there blog by going to is the brainchild of Scott Harvey and Ron Cervenka. On there blog it says that thier goal is to share with you a fresh new perspective of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Dodgers organization as seen through the eyes of their loyal fans. In addition to offering stories and interviews from within the Dodgers organization (Major League and Minor League), we plan to offer stories and interviews from the very heart and soul of the Dodgers – their fans. We will also provide an arena where fans can share their own Dodgers experiences and photographs, in addition to sharing their thoughts and opinions through comments to the articles posted by our writing staff. We will also feature the latest zany YouTube videos from Bobby “dodgerfilms” Crosby along with some of our own videos clips. Additionally, we will provide direct links to some of your other favorite Dodgers and blog sites in our blog rolls and links.

So check out there site at


Adrian sent me these photos of Dodger Stadium under construction. He said they were expanding the club house and that "on the third baseline the concrete is sitting there with no seats". You can follow Adrian on Twitter @kingisjim.

If you have photos you want to share email them to me at

Friday, November 23, 2012


Alex Castellanos at Isotopes Park 2012 Photograph by Evan Chavez
Many players in the Dodgers organization are playing winter ball in various leagues.  Alex Castellanos is a player I have been keeping my eye on this winter, not only to see how he is doing, but I was curious what postition he would be playing this winter.

Alex is palying in the Venezuelian League.  I give the guy credit for playing out there in Venezuela, because if you remember last year the catcher for the Nationals who is from Venezuela, was kid napped.  Thats gotta be a little scary.

Anyway Alex is playing for the Tiburones de La Guaira, along with teammates Scott Van Slyke, Miguel Rojas, and  Gregery Infante. Rojas, and Infante were signed to Minor League deals on Wednesday.  You can read about that by clicking here.

Alex is palying the outfield and has played in 21 games and had 85 at bats.  He is hitting .306 with 18 RBI and four homeruns.  His strikeout to walk ratio is 24K's to 7BB.  He has no stolen bases.

I would have thought Castellanos would be playing second, but they have him in the outfield.

Scott Van Slyke is playing first and is hitting .231 with 14 RBI and seven homers.  His strikeout to walk ratio is 29K's to 9BB.

Short stop Miguel Rojas .197 BA and Infante 26.00 ERA enough said!

In other Winter Ball news Hanley Ramirez made his debut for the Tigres del Licey in the Dominican Winter League.  He went went 3-for-4 with a pair of doubles with two runs scored.  He is playing with his teammates from the Dodgers organization Dee Gordon, Tim Federowicz, Brian Cavasos-Galvez, and Luis Vasquez.

Dee is hitting .301, with 11 RBI, SIX TRIPLES, three doubles and eight stolen bases in 24 games with the Tigres.  He has been caught steeling five times.  His strikout to walk ratio is 18K's to 7BB.

Federowicz is hitting .136 0 RBI and 0 homers in 26 at bats.  he has 17K's to 1BB.

Cavasos-Galvez .269 Three RBI and no homers in 26 at bats.  3K's to 2BB.

Luis Vasquez pitched in nine games with the Isotopes last season.  Vasquez is 0-1 with a 3.12 ERA.  He has played in ten games and is coming out of the bull pen for the Tigres.

Former Isotopes Mananger Dean Treanor is the Manager for the Tigres.


One of Kelvin De La Cruz teamates in the Dominican Winter League is former Albuquerque Isotopes pitcher Tim Cocoran.  De La Cruz and Cocoran play fopr the Aguilas Cibaenas
 The second of six players (so far, there will be more signings to come) that the Dodgers signed to a Minor League contract is Kelvin De La Cruz.

Kelvin is a left-handed pitcher from La Vega in the Dominican Republic.  He is 24 years old and has played in the Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, and Detroit Tigers organizations.

He has seven years in the Minor Leagues, and has never pitcher higher that Double-A.  With seven seasons in the Minor Leagues he posted a 37-36 record with a 4.35 ERA.  He has a 540 to 297 strikeout to walk ratio.

He is playing in the Dominican Winter League with the Aguilas.  In six games one start he is 0-1 with a 3.60 ERA.  He has struckout 15 with four walks in ten innings pitched.   

Kelvin was a Sally League All-Star in 2008.  In 2010 he was placed on the Cleveland Indians 40 man roster, but he has never pitched in the Major Leagues.

From articles I have read on De La Cruz he seems to have potential, but just could never put it together.  I found this Aticle on, where he pitched six no hit innings for the Kinston Indians in 2010.  I doubt he would be sent to Albuquqerque to start the 2013 season, especially if he is still trying to figure things out.  You all know Albuquerque is a hitters park, and can mess with a pitchers mind if he is trying to figure things out.  Click here to read the article on his six no hit innings.

Check in tomorrow for a post on the next player signed to a Minor League contract short stop Miguel Rojas. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Matt Eddy who is the editor of Baseball America Tweeted that the Dodgers signed right-handed pitcher Juan Abreu, left-handed pitcher Kelvin De La Cruz, short stop Miguel Rojas, right-handend pitcher Hector Correa, catcher Wilkin Castillo, and right handed-pitcher Greg Infante to Minor League deals.

We might see some or all of these players here in Albuquerque, so I thought I would do some research on these guys.  Here is my first part of six post where I will profile these newly signed players.  I start with Juan Abreu.

Juan Abreu is from San Francisco de Macoris, Duarte, Dominican Rebublic.  He was signed by the Kansas City Royals as an amatuer free agent in 2003.  He played in the Royals organization until October of 2009.  In November 2010 the Atlanta Braves signed him as free agent.

On August 1. 2011 he was one of three minor league pitchers traded with Jordan Schafer to the Houston Astros for Michael Bourn.

On August 29, 2011 he made his Major League debut with the Houston Astros.  He pitched in seven games with the Astros and had posted a record of 0-0 with a 2.70 ERA.  He struck out 12 and walked three in 6.2 innings.

On August 10, 2012 he was selected off waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays.  On October 17, 2012 he became a free agent.

Check in tomorrow when I will do a post on left-handed pitcher Kelvin De La Cruz.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 MSTI called it on a post earlier this week called "Who will the Dodgers protect from the rule 5 draft."   Two pitchers were add to the 40 man roster and are now protected from the rule 5 draft.

Who are the two?  Steven Ames and Matt Magill both right-handed pitchers who pitched with Double-A Chattanooga in 2012.

Ames is a 24 year old pitcher who pitched as a reliever with Double-A Chattanooga last season.  He was 3-3 with 18 saves and a 1.56 ERA.  He struck out 72 batters in 63.1 innings, and ONLY WALKING 13!  I thought that was pretty good. He was a Southern League mid season All-Star. Ames is from Vancouver, WA and was drafted in the 17th round of the 2009 First-Year Player Draft 517 over all out of Gonzaga U.

In 2011 Ames was sent to the Arizona Fall League where he pitched 17.1 innings (12 games) and had an ERA of 4.15 with and eight strikeouts. 

Magill is a 23 year old right-handed pitcher who pitched with Double-A Chattanooga last season.  Magill went 11-8 as a starter with a 3.75 ERA.  He had 168 strikouts in 146.1 innings and walked 61.  He pitched four games with 10 or more strikouts. He was Southern League pitcher of the week three times in the 2012 season, and was a Southern League mid season All-Star Magill was drafted out of Royal High School in Simi Valley, CA in the 31st round of the 2008 First-Year Player Draft.

We might see these guys playing with the Isotopes in 2013.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Alex Castellanos getting loose before an Albquqerque Isotopes game.  I'm telling you if heathy he can also be a threat on the base paths along with his other tools
Jerry Sands and Alex Castellanos were named to the Topps Triple-A All-Star team today. 

Alex who played second, third, and outfield while with the Isotopes finished the season with a .328 batting average (344 at bats 113hits), 52 RBI, 74 Runs, and 17 homeruns.  He also stole 16 bases and hit 25 doubles.  Wait I'm not done he also led all of Triple-A Baseball with a 1.010 on-base plug slugging percentage (OPS),  

Let me remind you Alex was on the DL with a left hamstring strain. If he can stay heathy and the Dodgers keep him at one position (I think he should play second) he could put up some nice numbers.  If he's heathy I also expect him to steal more bases.

Alex was aquired in the trade with the Cardinals for Rafeal Furcal.  I am pretty sure he will have one more season here in Albuquerque with the Isotopes.

Jerry Sands at Isotopes Park 2011

Jerry Sands hit .296, with 107 RBI and 26 homers.  last season was Jerrys second season with the Isotopes, and he was part of the worst kept secret in baseball.  He was the player to be named later in the deal with the Boston Red Sox that brought Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto to the Dodgers.

Jerrry was always good with the fans here in Albuquerque.  I expect him to be a big part of the Red Sox future.

the Isotopes and Reno Aces were the only teams to have multiple players named to the All-Star team.

Other Isotopes who have been named to the Topps Triple-A All-Star team include John Lindsey, and Russ Mitchell in 2011.  Mitch Jones in 2009.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Justin Sellers at Isotopes Park
 It's almost winter meetings time and that means it's time for deals to be made, and the rule five draft.  That means the Dodgers have to protect players by adding them to the 40 man roster. So if you add you might have to subtract players.  The Dodgers have alot of players in the organization, and I sure don't know how they keep track of all of them. 

I have been thinking who is going to be available, who will the Dodgers protect, will the Dodgers cut ties with Uribe to vacate a roster spot?

 Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness sorts this all out and give a list of players who might be added to the 40 man roster.  If you Bleed Blue like me and think baseball all the time read this article by clicking here.

In the post by MSTI it's suggested that Justin Sellers might be taken off the roster.  Justin season was shortened by a bulging disc on May 23.  The last memeories I have of Justin playing in a Dodger uniform is when he made a diving catch in the stands. 

Justin spent 2010, 2011, and two games (seven at bats with 2 hits) in 2012 with the Albuquerque Isotopes.

As a fan I would rather see Uribe go and atleast see what Sellers has to offer in the spring.  It's a business though, and if they think it's the right decision to cut Sellers from the roster and it brings a World Series in 2013 I am alright with that.

I also read an article by Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune that talk about the pitching staff for Team USA at the 2013 World Baseball Classic.  The article said Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw could be a starter. 

What do those of you think who Bleed Dodger Blue?  Would you be alright with Kershaw pitching in the WBC?  Let me know your thoughts.  You can email me at

Saturday, November 17, 2012


This picture I took at the 2006 World Baseball Classic at Chase Field (It might have been Bank One Ballpark back then).  USA vs Mexico.  Players that were on that team include Derek Jeter, Derek Lee, Alex Rodriguez, Rodger Clemmons, Dontrell Willis, Jake Peavy and many others..
The L.A. Times is reporting that Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, and third baseman Luis Cruz will play for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.  Fernando Valenzuela will be the pitching coach.

Gonzalez will be team Mexico's captian.  Gonzalez played in the Classic in 2009.  He say's in the article about his expierence in 2009 "It's helped in the past," Gonzalez said. "You get into game action. A lot of times in spring training, you're kind of just focused on getting your swing right. When you get back from the WBC, you're pretty much at full go."

This was the lineup for team USA in game one vs Mexico
I enjoy watching the WBC.  I attended the first WBC in 2006 and I think it's good for hitters, helps them get going.

I don't know of any other Dodgers who are playing in the WBC, but I would rather see Dodger hitters rather than pitchers.

You can read the whole article from the L.A. Times by clicking here.


In October I got a message from Twitter friend that Hall of Fame Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrin was in New Mexico.  I didn't follow him on Twitter because I didn't think he would be a Tweeter, but he is.  He Tweeted that he was in Santa Fe and that Isotopes Manager Lorenzo Bundy had told him to eat at El Pinto.  I Tweeted him that he should to go to my favorite restuarant in Albuquerque called Los Cuetes.

I hope he enjoyed New Mexico!

Jarrin will have a bobblehead day at Dodger Stadium this season it will be a must to add to my collection.  Jaime was also on Dodger Talk last Wednesday with his son Jorge Jarrin, who host Dodger Talk.  You can listen to the to the off season edition of Dodger Talk every Wednesday on AM 570 Fox LA.  Click here for a link to the Dodger Talk podcast.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I took this picture of Hiroki Kuroda at Petco Park in 2011.  While he was signing autographs the guy next to me told him "The fans want you back next season"  Kuroda said "I want to be back"  He endend up signing with the Yankees
 Here is an article I found pretty interesting on ESPN Los Angeles about Hiroki Kuroda wanting to play on the west coast.  The aricle says Kuroda has told friends that his first preference is to pitch in Southern California, where his two daughters are attending elementary school.

I think Kuroda would be a nice fit with the Dodgers.  I believe you can never have too much pitching, and with the uncertainty of Chad Bilingsly....

In the four years Kuroda was with the Dodgers he pitched 699 innings and had an ERA of 3.45.  Last season while with the Yankees he picked up the pace a little pitching 219 innings with an ERA of 3.32.  He also won 16 games in 33 starts.

Speaking of pitchers Scott Boras held a press conference for his cliant Ryu Hyun-jin.  The Dodgers won the negotiating right on Ryu.

The article in the L.A. Times said "Speaking in front of a group of 40 to 50 reporters, most of them South Korean, Boras compared Ryu to only one pitcher: Mark Buehrle."

Buehrle got four years $58 million so add that to the posting fee of  $27.5 million and you get $85.5 million.  Do you think he is worth that amount?

Ryu also said if he does sign with the Dodgers he intends to wear number 99.

There is also an article on ESPN Los Angeles on Ryu's press Conference.  In that article it says "Under baseball's posting system, the Dodgers offered $25,737,373.33 to Ryu's team in South Korea, the Hanwha Eagles. Los Angeles settled on that figure because the numbers 3 and 7 are considered lucky in Korean culture."  I learned somthing new every day."

To read the L.A. Times article click here.

To read ESPN Los Angeles's article click here.

I wrote a post on Ryu Monday you can read that post by clicking here.

Who would you rather have Dodger fans?  Kuroda, Ryu, or both.  If you Bleed Dodger Blue and have an opinion on this topic email me at

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Andre Ethier at Dodger Stadium
 I thought this was pretty funny when I read it on the L.A. Times.  Andre Ethier is in the running to be in the "Baseball Hotties Hall of Fame" 

Steve Dilbeck writes in his article No, apparently the Dodgers' outfielder is much more than that. He’s hot. Like supernova hot. Like melts-poor-defenseless-women-where-they-stand hot. If only they were all left-handed pitchers.

You can read Steve Dilbecks article by clicking here.

So if you think Andre Ethier belongs in the Baseball Hotties Hall of Fame you can vote for him by clicking here.


As many of you know I like to take pictures. I like to take pictures of players while in action and I also like to take pictures with players. If you have a picture of you with a player, or a picture you took of a player in action, and would like to share it email me at with your name and a little info about the picture. If I like your picture I will post it along with your name and the information you provided me with here on my blog.

When Matt Kemp rehabbed in Albuquerque I took about 350 pictures. some good some not so good. The picture above was one of my favorites. I like it because he is representing the Los Angeles Dodgers with the helmet and the Albuquerque Isotopes with the uniform.


Luis Cruz at Isotopes Park June 2012

One thing I have learned over the last couple of seasons is you never know how long a player is going to be down here in Albuquerque.  So I have learned to appreciate the time I have to watch them play here, because you never know when they are going to get called up. 

I first heard of Luis Cruz at the start of the 2012 season.  I didn't know anything about him.  I remember telling my wife that his batting stance was kinda strange.  He always seemed to get a hit when the Isotopes needed one.  One of my good friends (Mike) kept telling me "Cruz needs to be called up".  I kept giving him the same old speech about how he wasn't on the 40 man roster and how I didn't think he would be called up.  But he was, and he became a super star in Los Angeles with the Dodgers. 

When a player gets the call from the Dodgers, it's pretty exciting for me too.  I go to our little ball park here in Albuquerque, and watch all these young men play their hearts out with the main goal to get the call from the team that I love the Dodgers. I feel very proud of players even though most of the players only know me as the guy with the camera who is always asking them to sign an autograph or take a picture with them.

Watching Luis interact with the fans here in Albuquerque I noticed he was always a real nice guy.  Real friendly.  So to see him have so much success with the Dodgers made me feel very happy.

Cruz was on Dodger Talk last night but only for about a minute and a half.  I think they need to have him on again and give him more time.  I would like to hear more from Luis.

What's the future hold for Cruz? He said is going to play winter ball in Mexico for Tomateros de Culiacan.  I looked up the roster for them and one of his teamates will be Francisco Felix who has also played in Albuquerque with the Isotopes.

You can listen to Dodger Talk by clicking here.

Good luck to Luis this spring.  I will be rooting for you to be the Opening Day starter at third base in 2013.

Comments, questions, or advice email me at  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Me and Burt Hooton at Isotopes Park 2012

If you ever have the chance to attend a SABR meeting I highly recomend it.  I am a memeber of the Albuquerque chapter of SABR called Rio Grande SABR.  I knew nothing about SABR till my friend Kris invited me to a meeting and now I am hooked.  I look forward to attending the meeting held once a month usually held at Isotopes Park.

This past summer one of the guest speakers was fomer Dodger Burt Hooton.  It was pretty cool to hear stories about how the O'Malleys send him a Christmas tree every year and how he learned to throw a knuckle curve.

Burt Hooton talks to SABR members at Isotopes Park 2012

After hooton spoke he took pictures with memebers and signed autographs. I had him sign thiss card.  Before he signed he pointed at his grip and told me that's my knuckle curve.

If you have never attended a SABR meeting and would like to attend a meeting email me at 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


That's John Valentin leanig up against the rail of the dugout at Isotopes Park.  If you look behind him there is Tommy Davis and Juan Castro.  You never know who you will see at Isotopes Park

The Dodgers announced their coaching staff today, and John Valentin was named Assistant Hitting Coach for the Dodgers.  John has spent the last two years here in Albuquerque with the Isotopes as their hitting coach.

This will mark John's sixth year in the Dodger organization.  John made his way up the ranks starting at Single-A Inland Empire in 2008, Than he was Manager and hitting coach for Double-A in 2009 and 2010.  In 2011 and 2012 he was the Isotopes hitiing coach.

Thats me and John Valentin at Isotopes Park in 2012

When I think of John at Isotopes Park I always get a picture in my head of him walking through the tunnel to the dugout with a pencil behind his ear.  Don't know why but that's the picture I have in my head of him.

John spent 11 years as a player in Major League baseball.  He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the fifth round of the 1988 draft.  He was a short stop and third baseman for the Red Sox.  He made his Major League Debut on July 27, 1992.  From 1992 through 2001 he played for the Red Sox.  He spent 2002 with the New York Mets.

Valentin is the only player to hit for the cycle and make an unassisted triple play.

I am happy to see him with the Dodgers helping out the hitters.

Here is a list of the rest of the coaching staff.

Don Mattingly – Manager (third season)
Chuck Crim – Bullpen Coach (first season)
Trey Hillman – Bench Coach (third season)
Rick Honeycutt – Pitching Coach (eighth season)
Davey Lopes – First Base Coach (third season)
Mark McGwire – Hitting Coach (first season)
Tim Wallach – Third Base Coach (third season)
Ken Howell – Assistant Pitching Coach (first season, sixth on staff)
John Valentin – Assistant Hitting Coach (first season)
Manny Mota – Coach (34th season)
Steve Yeager – Coach (second season)

Monday, November 12, 2012


A good thing about living in Albuquerque and being a Dodger fan is you get to see alot of former Dodgers around Isotopes Park.  When at an Isotopes game I always keep my eyes open for former Dodgers.  One reason I have my season tickets seat by the tunnel to the club house is beacuse I want to know who is in town.

When I heard Mickey Hatcher was let go by the Angels I had a feeling he would end up doing something with the Dodgers.  I was right the Dodgers hired him as an instructor.  I knew as an instructor it was a matter of time before he ended up here with the Isotopes.

This wouldn't be Hatchers first time in Albuquerque, He spent 78, 79, 80 and 91 with the Albuquerque Dukes. He was also a coach with the Dukes when Mike Scioscia was the Manager of the Dukes. As a matter of fact I was once talking to this young lady at a local business, and I was wearing my Dodger jacket and Dodger cap and she asked me "Do you know who Mickey Hatcher is?"  I told her "Yes I do" and She said "That's my uncle".  so he must have some roots here in Albuquerque.

One of my favorite things about Mickey Hatcher is the way he ran around the bases after hitting a homerun in the 1988 World Series.  He just looks like a fun guy.  He looks happy. 

It was an honer to get to meet him and of course if I get an opportunity to take a picture with a player I do it. 

I also had him sign a couple of cards.  Yea and he was smiling.  Thank you Mickey Hatcher meeting you was a highlight of the 2012 season for me. 

I hope you enjoyed my little story about Mickey Hatcher.  If you bleed Dodger Blue I am sure you did.

Comments, questions, or feedback email me at


Josh Bard talks with Scott Van Slyke before an Albuquerque Isotopes game

In a press release from the Dodgers today they annonced the hiring of six internaional scouts, and the hiring of Josh Bard as a special assistant.

Bard who spent last season with the Isotopes as a back up catcher spent ten years as a Major League catcher.  Bard was drafted the Rockies in the third round of the 1999 draft.  He spent time in the Major Leagues with the Padres, Indians, Nationals, Mariners, and Red Sox.

While with the Isotopes last season he hit .331 (49 hits in 148 at bats) with six homeruns and 32 RBI in 45 games. 

Obseving him from the stands here at Isotopes park I saw him more as a mentor to the young guys.  I even heard on a interview that he enjoyed working with the younger guys.  I kinda figured he would be a coach somewhere, and now it's official he is a special assistant with the Dodgers.

Congratulations Josh we will see you back here at Isotopes Park next season.

In the same press release the Dodgers also announced the hiring of Pedro Avila, Gene Grimaldi, Patrick Guerrero, Pat Kelly, Jamey Storvick and Mike Tosar to the Dodgers scouting group.

These six will work under Bob Engle who was hired on November 1st as VP of Internatioal scouting.

Pedro Avila will the coordinator Venezuela, Gene Grimaldi will be the coordinator of European operations, Patrick Guerro will be the Coordinator of Latin America, and Pat Kelly will handle the Pacific Rim.

Along with Bard and the six international scouts the Dodgers also hired Willie Fraser and Scott Groot.  Former Dodger third baseman Bill Mueller.


Thakns to Roberto from Vin Scully is My Homeboy for correcting me that Chin Lung-Hu was from Taiwan not Korea.  Roberto sent me a list of players from Korea and they include Chan Ho Park who is in the picutre I took above, Jae Weong Seo, and Hee Seop Choi.  Note the pitcher had the better career
So you might have read that the Dodgers have won negotiation rights on Koreon left-handed pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin.  What does that mean?
How does the process works.

Major League baseball teams have to place a bid if they are interested in a player. In this case the Dodgers have placed a bid of $25.7 million.  That money goes to Ryu Hyun-jin's Korean team the Hanwha Eagles.  Now that gives the Dodgers a 30 day window to negotiate a contract with Ryu and his agent who is none other than Scott Boras.  If the Dodgers and Ryu don't reach an agreement the Dodgers will be refunded the $25.7 million.

The $25.7 million is only to get the exclusive negotiating rights, none of that money will go to Ryu.  So you can add that to the amount that is negotiated between Ryu (Scott Boras) and the Dodgers.

Who is Ryu Hyun-jin? 
  • Ryu is a 25 year old left handed pitcher who has pitched for the Hanwha Eagles for seven years.
  • He has been an All-Star each of his seven years while in the Korean League
  • Ryu won the Triple Crown of pitching in the Korean League
  • Ryu won MVP
  • Ryu was Rookie of the year
  • Ryu is five-time Korean League strikout champion
  • Ryu's liftime numbers 98-52 with a 2.80 ERA in the Korean League
  • Ryu won a Gold medal in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics where he went 2-0 with a 1.04 ERA

How will all of the above translate into him pitching to the best hitters in the world?  That's where the Dodgers are going to have to hope their scouts have evaluated him correctly.

I heard a baseball executive on an interview talk about evaluating foreign players.  He said yiou could evaluate a pitcher more accurate than a hitter, because you can see velocity, you can see movment.

Only time will tell.  What do you think?  What do you think is his value?  How will what he has done in the Korean League translate her in Major League Baseball?  Let me know what you think Dodger fans, because I Bleed Dodger Blue 2, just like you.

email me with your commments questions or advice at