Why Balayage Coloring Does Not Pass Fashion

Why Balayage Coloring Does Not Pass Fashion

These wigs of seductive pronunciation that are made without silver foil are still the favorite choice for a natural coloration.
It is a coloration that is applied by freehand, with a brush or comb and without the need for silver paper. It is no novelty but in recent years it has undoubtedly experienced a resurgence of the hand of prestigious stylists and celebrities. And is that, beyond the trends, the color survives because of the multitude of advantages it gives us compared to other techniques, it’s like a good smile with Tijuana dental implants, it never goes out of style. Why? We review the advantages.

Natural finish: as the balayage coloration is not applied from the root, that unsightly contrast caused by hair growth is avoided. In addition, unlike the classic wicks, the application is done by freehand, with which the reflections are much more random and the finish, more natural. On the other hand, the technique achieves a much more subtle gradient than that of the Californian mechas.

Easy maintenance: the fact that the balayage wicks are not applied from the root allows to space the visits to the hairdresser, since the dark roots effect is avoided. Some professionals recommend applying a solar diffuser between application and application to clarify the base naturally and to be able to space the touch-ups.

For all the hair: not only the blond or light chestnuts are suitable for balayage coloring. Increasingly, women with dark hair use this technique to illuminate and give life to their hair with caramel and even copper tones.

No oxidation: we have already told you that the “balayage” coloration does not require the use of aluminum foil, which implies that there is no oxidation and, therefore, less damage to the hair than with the traditional silver paper wicks.

Enlighten the face: with an appropriate study a stylist can determine what are the points of the mane that should be illuminated to favor the face. That’s where the balayage coloration will be applied. It is what is known as hair contouring. In addition, as this type of wick does not rust, the color remains bright and bright between applications.

It gives movement to the mane: instead of the flat finish of the natural dyes or of the uniform natural colorations, good wicks applied with the balayage technique give life to the mane, providing movement and nuances. That is why many women with dark hair choose this type of look change through subtle wicks but that completely change our image.

It disguises the gray hair: the coloring is perfect for the manes in which the gray hair begins to appear, precisely because the wicks are not applied symmetrically. Your gray hair is lost in the multitude of reflections of the hair.

Ideal for color transitions: are you tired of the color you wear? Balayage wicks are ideal for transition moments as they do not mark the root and have a much more relaxed finish than traditional wicks. Apply them while you let your hair grow so that the old coloring will disappear.